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About Us

Welcome to Sweet Lemongrass Spa.  We are a family owned and operated day spa specializes in a variety of therapeutic massage techniques.

Sweet Lemongrass Spa was founded by Cindy Liu, a well-respected and famous massage therapist who started her career at the age of 19.  During the 90's, Cindy served as the Master Trainer at the Shenzhen National Therapeutic Board.  After departing China, Cindy continued to expand her skill sets by working at some of the world most exquisite private resorts and spas in Milan, Dubai, and Singapore. Cindy is also widely regarded as the pioneer to first combine the key techniques found in trigger point therapy and Chinese reflexology.

All our California State Licensed Massage Therapists are personally trained by Cindy and your satisfaction is guaranteed.   We invite you to relax and rejuvenate at the Sweet Lemongrass Spa… Escape and indulge yourself with a full range of services to balance and restore your mind, body and soul. Experience the care and service of professionals who are experts in nurturing your body and revitalizing your spirit.

MISSION STATEMENT - Our mission is to set standard of excellence for providing the best massage experience at the most affordable price.  To provide outstanding therapeutic care to customer in a clean and comfortable environment that meets or exceeds the expectations of those we serve.